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“SEO and the way Google algorithm operates have transformed a lot. Getting leads, traction and sales require new online strategies that work.”

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What are people saying?

  • "I was fortunate to have Michael evaluate my website. He found numerous items that needed improving and showed me the benefits of optimization. Michael was very knowledgeable and good at relating the information to me in a way I could understand. I found him easy to understand and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend him any time you want to improve your business!"
    Victoria PoppVictoria PoppBusiness Owner | StudioPopp Design
  • "Bright, insightful, and imaginative. Michael over delivers every time. When you combine his technical skills with his business savvy, you get a unique and powerful ally on your side."
    Ken SeahKen SeahDirector of Finance | First Data Corporation
  • "Michael’s unique style is by far a great asset, which gets massive results. He thrives on overcoming a challenge, which is to the benefit of any company he's working with. So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Michael will get you there."
    Kamil KluziakKamil KluziakBusiness Owner | Texonica
  • "SEO seemed like a huge ocean of information that we just couldn’t make sense of. After having an online consultation with Michael everything is now much clearer and I am confident with their plan that will deliver us rankings in the search engines."
    Biljana TodicBiljana TodicMarketing Manager | Dibi Media Entreprise
  • "One second is all you need with Michael to know he's the real deal. If you have the opportunity to work with him, take it."
    Nabil JalilNabil JalilEntrepreneur | BlackGrid
  • "Smart guy. Really knows web pages and how to get more clicks."
    Bill RueckerBill RueckerBusiness Owner | Baysinger Partners Architecture
  • "Michael is a client-focused, forward-thinking and innovative SEO professional with incredible results across the board."
    Brooke HuntsmanBrooke HuntsmanFounder | Click Priority
  • "It was great working with Michael. He managed our campaigns and knew what direction to take us. Results came in just as expected within the projected times."
    Christian SalinasChristian SalinasFounder | AeroWave Media
  • "Michael chooses the most effective strategies for my projects and I have seen the results of his work in 3-6 months. Highly recommended."
    Peter ChodelkaPeter ChodelkaEntreprenuer | Akontax
  • "I would like to give kudos to Michael SEO knowledge and his input to our digital strategy as a whole. He was able to identify a lot of issues on our webpage and fix them. Now we can see a huge spike in visits and also a lot of new customers."
    Adrian BartanusAdrian BartanusProject Manager | AXA
  • "When working with Michael, you can be confident about getting the best results whether it's SEO, SMO or reputation management."
    Tiffany Elaine MaximilianTiffany Elaine MaximilianLocal Consultant | Elite Match
  • "The way he manages his team directly reflects the top notch quality of work he produces along with his impeccable work ethic."
    Christopher VitalisChristopher VitalisBusiness Consultant | Harvard University Graduate
  • "Michael and his team proved to be an invaluable resource. Hired him to do website optimization, competitor analysis and white hat link building for my website and he was able to deliver great results."
    Christophe PinChristophe PinDigital Strategist | Pin Digital Media
  • "Michael is a results oriented guy who is not only very dedicated to his work, but is extremely ambitious which is apparent his deep knowledge in the SEO and digital marketing field."
    Colin MaColin MaConsultant | Pariveda Solutions
  • "After months of being stuck on the 2nd page of Google for a VERY competitive keyword, I had the good fortune of working with Michael. After some subtle tweaks, based on Michael's suggestions, I was able to get the first position on Google in less than 1 month. The result? My ROI tripled!"
    John MarkertJohn MarkertBusiness Owner | JM Creative Consulting
  • "He always found a way to figure out things when a glitch arose and his recommendations added immediate value for my client projects."
    Sergey BaykinSergey BaykinBusiness Consultant | Upwork
  • "With the help of Michael's insights, we were able to drive our website referrals and traffic to new levels."
    Bogdan GhelmegeanuBogdan GhelmegeanuBusiness Consultant | Rank Impact
  • "We have worked together for over 8 months and he never ceases to amaze me with his skills, his tenacious spirit, and his drive to get things done."
    Lawmence WongLawmence WongHead of Marketing | Cleverus Consulting
  • "Michael is the definition of perfectionism and is extremely skilled in his craft."
    Jabir MohamedJabir MohamedFounder | Search Beast
  • "I’ve worked with Michael in two SEO related projects and both were successful. He is a professional who will produce results and improve your online presence. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him!"
    Jarno TuovinenJarno TuovinenSoftware Engineer | Boogie Software
  • "I've already seen my sales increase about 50% and my customer engagement increases daily. Thank you so much!"
    Valentyn SvitValentyn SvitBusiness Owner | Cmark Trust
  • "Our sites have grown to be living web interactive applications and all this with user friendliness and good looks. He is exceptional at finding opportunities in the current state of SEO and isolating what steps are needed to better ranking and positioning."
    Gabaruta GeorgeGabaruta GeorgeBusiness Owner | Chemical Rankings
  • "If Michael takes you on as an SEO client your ROI will triple. We were very impressed. He gets his clients results."
    Tahani ShariefTahani ShariefFounder | Organic SEO
  • "If you have had the good fortune to work with Michael, consider yourself blessed. Everything he touches turns to gold."
    Diego IbarraDiego IbarraCareer Strategist | Ruppell Institute
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