TOP 12 Chrome 2017 Productivity Extensions That Will Save You a Ton of Time And Money (+ 1 Killer Plugin)

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Does anyone use the phrase “Productivity Freak”? If they do – that would probably fit very well with me and many online hustlers. We have only so many hours per day; why not use them as effectively as possible? It will pay off very well in our lives.

“Ok, so how many hours per day can I save?”

It’s hard to say, and I do not like this question, to be honest. If you’re making the most out of your life and trying to use your time as effectively as possible, you don’t need to count the hours.

I’m really excited to share with you the best productivity tools that saved me countless hours of my life! These might do the same for you!


The Best Chrome Productivity Extensions in 2017

#1 Dualless

If you’re like me, the number of tabs in your browser is pretty huge. If you need to use two tabs at the same time, there is no better tool that Dualless. It will cut your browser in half and suddenly you have two tabs open at the same time.



You don’t want to see my reaction when someone sends me a 10-row URL in a message. Shortening the URL is handy and you don’t need to visit or to make it happen. Just click on the extension and it quickly generates your unique shortened URL code.


#3 Adblock

I know many marketers would argue that I should consider removing Adblock. However, the ads are a huge distraction and I’m not interested in seeing them. Kill ‘em all with Adblock.


#4 Loom

More often than not, it is a lot faster to capture your screen, talk to the camera and share the video. I haven’t seen any other extension that handles this with such excellence. Record your screen, say what you want to say and share it in no time.


#5 is an excellent tool for communication. It doesn’t simply offer a video call and sharing screen option; you create a room and invite your buddy to talk with you with a short URL without any need of registering an account. Excellent tool if your clients do not use Skype or Google hangouts.

appear in

#6 TimeStats

Having a set of your surfing data might tell you the truth. How many hours per day do you spend on Facebook? What is the site that you visit most? How long are you actually browsing on this website? All these stats come in a beautifully visualized way.

time stats


There is a lot of cloud storage that you can use for free. The capacity isn’t that persuasive though. offers 50gb for free, and managing the files becomes extremely easy with Mega.


#8 Grammarly

I know I commit a lot of grammatical mistakes. Thanks, Grammarly, you greatly reduced this number. It is handy when you write an article, chat with your friend or write an email. If you’re low on time and communicate fast, you inevitably make a lot of mistakes that you do not even notice. Fixing that in a few seconds is a miracle.


#9 Checker Plus for Gmail

Is this really a productivity tool? Depends. I love it and hate it at the same time. While it distracts me from doing the activity I focus on (writing this article), it allows me to react with lightning speed when any issue occurs (goddamn that tracked keyword dropped from #4 to #5!) Use it wisely.

checker plus

#10 Full Page Screen Capture

Simple and easy. You don’t need to scroll down and capture every part of the picture for so many times. Just click on the extension and it will generate a full page screen that you can share immediately with anyone.

full page

#11 LinkClump

Clicking on links and opening them in a new tab might be a darn hustle. This is especially true if you Google your keyword and want to open more sites at the same time. With LinkClump, you just press shift and select all links that you want to open. Amazing, right?


#12 Evernote Web Clipper

One of the few extensions that I couldn’t live without. When you open a bunch of articles you don’t have much time to read, you don’t need to bookmark them. Just clip it to Evernote and you can read that article later in your browser or on a mobile phone when you have more time.


BONUS Extension: News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

This one is literally a game-changer. I used to scroll Facebook wall every now and then… now I have not done it for more than 1 year. Just to make things clear, I’m not interested in seeing nonsense and fake reality shared on Facebook. Make your life easier and get in touch with your friends personally.



Have you already become a productivity freak? Are you getting things done faster than anyone else? Getting rid of the distractions and optimizing your time and processes is more than essential.

Share your story with others and if there is any other extension you use, let us know in the comment section below.


Disclaimer: there is no affiliate link used

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