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As an SEO geek, you’re always in love with a bunch of tools. Even though you have all the tools powerful enough to make your work easy, you’re still in search of other „toys“. It‘s a never-ending story, and now, I will supply you with the weapons of mass destruction.

If used correctly, these tools will save you a lot of time and headaches. Although all-in-one tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush offer insights in one place, I’d rather spend time comparing the data from more than one source only.

When doing research, you can start with these extensions to get an idea of how a particular website performs. Now is the time to show you all of them.


The Best SEO Chrome Extensions

#1 Wappalyzer

This handy extension shows you an icon of the CMS the website is built with. It also shows you the email marketing automation tools used, such as MailChimp, AWeber, etc. and a lot of related data.



#2 MozBar

Although the Domain Authority (DA) metric is easy to manipulate and I give little credit to this old metric, it gives you an idea of how popular the website is. When analyzing a bunch of websites, you know what you’re dealing with. DA1? The website is either new or the cares little about it. DA40+ and high Alexa Traffic Rank? The site must be popular!



#3 SerpWorx

SerpWorx is a paid extension. For $9.95 p/m, I would say it is worth it (I definitely wouldn’t pay more than $20 p/m for SerpWorx extension though). SerpWorx gives you important Majestic metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow and also shows you a topical trust flow. Considering that the price of majestic starts at $55 p/m, SerpWorx can help you save your money.

It also shows you MOZ and SEMrush data, however, I’m not a big fan of these 2 tools. If you have an Ahrefs account, you can connect with SerpWorx and see the metrics in a heartbeat. You can also see the on-page data with just one click.

SW offers a free trial, so you can try the tool with no risk involved.



#4 Similar Web

Although the traffic data and bounce rate might not be accurate (especially for relatively small sites), you can quickly see a raw picture. Also, by comparing the traffic data with SEMrush, a quick insight helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

similar web


#5 SEOptimer

By clicking on the extension, the on-page data is shown with ease. The report generated in SEOptimer shows you 5 important elements of your website: SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security.

SEOptimer generates a list of recommendations for the site with low, medium and high priority. The visual aspect of this report is top-notch and professional.

Alternatives: iwebchk and Woorank



#6 Wayback Machine

As an SEO wizard, you probably know Wayback Machine. I always wonder how the site looked in the beginning. With two clicks, it will show you the first version of the website that is usually funny compared to the actual version.

wayback machine


#7 NoFollow

NoFollow is a basic extension with only one function. It highlights all nofollow links. You can also disable this function on the sites that have no dofollow links, such as Facebook or Wikipedia.



#8 LinkMiner

LinkMiner looks for broken links. It also allows you to connect with your Ahrefs/Majestic/MOZ accounts and see the data in your Google search.



#9 (BONUS SEO Extension) Keywords Everywhere

When you put a keyword in Google search, Keywords Everywhere instantly generates the data for that particular keyword. Monthly search volume, CPC and difficulty (Competition Metrics) will help you decide if this keyword is worth it or not.

seo chrome extensions keywords everywhere



Here we go. A list of 9 SEO Chrome extensions you can use daily. None are complex or all-in-one tools, however, they will generate quick insight for your further analysis.

If you are using other extensions that help you analyze websites even deeper, just bombard me with your recommendations!


Disclaimer: no affiliate link is used in this article.

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